We tend to blame fatigue and lack of vitality on having too busy of a life.  Often times we’re right!  Our careers come first and of course we have family obligations not to mention a social life to tend to, so naturally we don’t have time to take care of our most important relationship…the relationship with ourselves.  We get caught up in the minutia of the day and before we know it a week, a month, and even a year has gone by and we haven’t taken care of our body, mind and spirit.  Then we wonder why we are getting sick and lack energy to do anything.

If you’re feeling tired and foggy more often than not and your current energy level is just no match for the commitments and challenges that you must face daily, or you’ve been diagnosed with a lifestyle or autoimmune disorder, then it’s time to take the bull by the horns before the bull runs you down.

The lifestyle choices we make regarding the foods we eat to fuel our bodies, the type of exercise we choose to keep fit and strong, the quality of the sleep you get to regenerate your body,  how we handle the many stresses, and the quality of our relationships, determine our health and vitality. When we make poor choices, eventually it will catch up to us making us feel tired and run down or even worse, sick!

If you’re starting to wonder what to do, there’s good news!  You have full control over your health beginning today.  Genetics only plays 30% in disease expression, lifestyle controls 70% of gene expression.  What we truly have is a lifestyle crisis in our culture and throughout the world. Now you know that these lifestyle related diseases, weight gain and fatigue can all be prevented or reversed with simple lifestyle changes.

So if you knew how to change the way you feel, look and age, would you? Sadly, most people will not make the simple shifts they could to enjoy a more vibrant, healthy, and happy life.

The truth is, there are no quick fixes when it comes to your health.  There are no magic pills, potions or lotions to fix your current health issues.  Our health-care system is broken.  Our SAD, standard American diet, quick weight loss gimmicks aren’t helping the cause, it’s actually making things worse. Creating the body, mind and life you want is entirely up to you.

But to create a fundamental lifestyle change and get rid of excess weight and disease, you need help!  We are bombarded with a ton of misinformation and false promises.  You need to cut through the noise and BS.  You need coaching, support and guidance from experts who understands the science behind creating your ideal body, mind and life. Most of all, you need simple steps that are easy to follow so you can be successful on your journey to epic health. It doesn’t matter what your starting point is…wherever you are, we will take you to the next level.

That’s why  Dr. Aixa Goodrich, created  this 8 day  program, an all-new online course to help you clear out the physical, mental and emotional toxins that are limiting you.  It is time you begin experiencing better health, more energy, clearer mind, and living your ideal life.

In this 8-day program, Dr. Aixa Goodrich will coach you on how to manifest your epic life – lose weight, feel more energetic, learn how to nourish and move your body, and free your mind so that you can attract everything you desire.  This is your time.  Learn how to get rid of disease and truly enjoy living your life!

“Every (wo)man dies. Not every (wo)man really lives.” – William Wallace

Here’s how it works…during the 8-day program, you will learn:

  • Discover how to change your lifestyle and set attainable goals – so you make permanent changes.
  • How to fuel and move your body so that you activate your body’s natural ability to heal and thrive –how to navigate the supermarket with a shopping list, weekly meal plans with recipes, and exercise in the comfort of your home with weekly exercise routines.
  • Supercharge your energy – get restful sleep, melt stress away and affirm what you want.
  • Manifest Your Epic Life – create an attitude of gratitude, build your tribe and be in  a constant state of peace and flow.



PLUS, you’ll receive these exclusive bonuses and materials:  exercise bands, journal, water bottle and weekly motivation tips and tools.


You’ll have exclusive access to our Private Member’s only Facebook Group – so you get real-time expert support and additional guidance as you integrate these powerful, new tools and principles into your daily life.


Imagine what it will feel like to be fit, trim, and healthy.

Here what you get with your kit:

8-day of action-focused “step-by-step” training modules

  • Goal setting guide with affirmations
  • Weekly meal plans including recipes and shopping lists
  • Weekly exercise routines
  • Understanding how nutrition affects your body
  • Learn how stress effects you and techniques to manage your stress
  • Discover how important sleep is to your body
  • Create an attitude of gratitude
  • Build lasting change and support team

PLUS! Extra Bonus Gifts & Materials

  • Bottle of water
  • Exercise bands
  • Journal
  • Weekly motivation tips and tools
  • Guided meditation
  • Private Member’s only Facebook Group