WHY all the distractions?

Have you noticed that when you set your mind to doing something suddenly all these distractions start showing up?  You begin a purification programs and suddenly you get calls to go to lunch or dinner or drinks.  You join the gym and suddenly the dog gets sick, your car breaks down or your best friend Read more about WHY all the distractions?[…]

New Year’s Resolution

Just about everyone makes New Year’s resolutions but less than 8% actually stick to them.  Why is that?  Are they unrealistic goals or simply just things we know we need to do but don’t necessarily want to do them?  Either way it doesn’t matter.   Most resolutions revolve around getting healthier and losing weight.  If Read more about New Year’s Resolution[…]

Motivation for Lasting Change

“Happy New Year!” How many times have you said these words to family, friends and coworkers over the past few weeks? How many times have you said it over the past decade or two? How many times has it been said to you? Every one of us wants to have a happy, healthy New Year. Read more about Motivation for Lasting Change[…]