Manifest Your Epic Life Guided Meditation

Meditation can remove stress and replace it with a dose of inner peace. It’s one of the best tools we have to balance our emotions, deal with physical and psychological distress, and promote the peace of the present moment. But it can be tough to meditate without a teacher or guide. This guided meditation with Dr. Aixa Goodrich […]

Prenatal & Pediatric Chiropractic Care

Dr. Gabaldon is the first chiropractor in Central Florida whose practice focus is prenatal and pediatric patients. She has been in practice since 2004 and began working with birth professionals in the area assisting with pregnancy related issues including adjusting during birth in 2007. Chiropractic care is responsible for so much more than back pain […]

Welcome to the world of Emotional Constipation

Dr. Aixa Goodrich is once again joined by Dr. Wendy Guess to continue the talk on emotional constipation. Ever had that feeling in your gut – that something’s just not right? Or you just have that gut feeling about a person? Or you think you don’t like someone else’s guts? Maybe you grew up hearing […]