Happy & Successful People

Today I want to share with you a few core principles or beliefs that I find are a common theme for happy and successful folks. First and foremost they understand that happiness is an inside job.  Happiness is a choice or decision you make in your life and is absolutely free.  It cannot be bought […]

Busy Bee’s Guide to Cardio

Hey we all know that part of being healthy is more than just diet and exercise but those are certainly key components.  I don’t know about you but I have a pretty busy schedule with a couple of businesses to operate, mother of 2, wife to an amazing man, leader of the best team ever, […]

Finding Solutions for Stress

Finding Solutions for Stress Wouldn’t we all just love to toss our computers in the ocean and lay by the beach sipping lemonade all day? Sure! But completely ditching the things that cause stress in our lives isn’t realistic for most of us. Sometimes, those things that cause us stress are also the things that […]

Rolling with the punches

Rolling with the punches instead of punching… As Zen as we may try to be, there will be times where situations, events or people will really test you. What do you do in these instances? Some of us get angry, some yell, some cry, some just want to get away from it all. What we […]