Make 2017 GREAT!

How do you end the year off great and kick off 2017 on the right foot? Well I can tell you that most people wait until the clock strikes 12 to eat their 12 red grapes and make a wish for the incoming year and expect for that to work miracles. Well it has been […]

Tips for staying healthy over the holidays…

Let’s face it, working out during the holidays can prove to be a difficult task. It’s hard to find time between all of the shopping, cooking, baking, parties, family visits, and hosting duties. Even though cleaning the house in preparation for your in-laws can feels like a workout just as much as racing through the […]

Killing Me Slowly

Are you poisoning yourself unknowingly while trying to shed a few pounds? When people go on diets, the first thing they do is turn to low fat and sugar free crap. When you hear sugar free, you can be assured that there is some sort of artificial sweetener in there. The most commonly used is […]

Happy & Successful People

Today I want to share with you a few core principles or beliefs that I find are a common theme for happy and successful folks. First and foremost they understand that happiness is an inside job.  Happiness is a choice or decision you make in your life and is absolutely free.  It cannot be bought […]