The Impact of the Human Stress Response

Mary Wingo was born in the United States where she earned a Ph.D. in human stress research from The University of North Texas. In 2014, She emigrated to Ecuador, a tiny country in South America. Living in a new and very different society opened her eyes to the unsustainable social, economic, and political costs preventable Read more about The Impact of the Human Stress Response[…]

Activate your brain’s peak potential

Cynthia Porter is one of the developers of the award-winning  BrainTap portable achievement device based on technology originated in 1986 and winner of the Consumer Electronics Show coveted “Best-new-Gadget-of-Year” award in 1989. In 1992 she completed her doctorate degree in counseling at LaSalle University. She is an accomplished speaker and writer and has earned a Read more about Activate your brain’s peak potential[…]

How to Undo the Past and Plan Your Future

Matt Powell is a well-known innovator in the martial art and fitness world. Best known for founding and leading an international training organization, PRAMEK, for over a decade, Matt has taught thousands around the world while maintaining a leadership role in corporate America, giving him a unique view on life, science, health and fitness, and Read more about How to Undo the Past and Plan Your Future[…]

Transform your frame of mind

Kim Ades is one of North America’s foremost experts on performance success through thought mastery. An executive coach and popular speaker, Kim works exclusively with highly driven, accomplished executives, leading entrepreneurs and high level professionals in their respective fields. Her expertise in this area makes her one of the industry’s foremost experts on performance and success. Read more about Transform your frame of mind[…]